Working at 4P

We are a small family and take pride and ownership in our contribution to 4P. We believe in transparency and teamwork. Together we celebrate achievements, milestones, and personal successes. We learn and grow together from our mishaps and failures. We foster a culture of entrepreneurship and support the development of our team members. If you are passionate about working in a dynamic environment, you should consider joining us.

Please see below for current vacancies.

Electrical Engineer

  • Technical studies: Polytechnic University – Profile: Energy/Electrical/ Electrotechnics/Engineering;
  • Engineer in the electrical field;
  • Experience in Power Transformation, Grid and Energy Distribution
  • Knowledge in engineering the primary systems for energy transport and distribution
  • Knowledge in production estimation, using specialized PVsyst software (bankable)
  • Team spirit, flexibility, dynamism and speed in adapting to the companies’ requirements
  • Preparing and submitting of the necessary documentation for obtaining the permits of the projects developed by the company;
  • Maintaining the relation with the suppliers and network operators with whom the organization has commercial contracts;
  • Selecting the main equipment: photovoltaic panels, inverters, mounting structure, transformers
  • Drafting the equipment data sheets
  • Setting up of the 2D photovoltaic park layout: number of panels, number of inverters, transformer stations, installed capacity of the park, restrictions, access, fencing – in dwg format
  • Evaluating of the shading characteristics, both between the rows of panels and determined by obstacles (trees, constructions, etc.)
  • Seting up of the string configuration and drafting the single line diagram of the photovoltaic park
  • Internal, optimised electrical design in order to collect the energy form the substations and transport it to the main TSO power station
  • Grid analysis and elaboration of solution study
  • Preparation of grid connection application for TSO


  • Graduate of the University of Architecture with the right to sign
  • General knowledge of architecture
  • Solid knowledge of AutoCad
  • Knowledge of legislation, rules and regulations in the field and technical architectural documentation specific to all phases of the project
  • Flexibility and ability to work at an alert pace
  • Positive attitude and team spirit
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Drafting of technical documentation for all design phases, including the conceptual part, in accordance with the legislation, norms and regulations in force;
  • Cooperate with engineers and other specialized designers
  • Monitoring and participation in all phases of the project and providing technical assistance throughout the execution period;
  • Drafting of approval documentation, preliminary measurements, lists of quantities;
  • Conducts opportunity studies, zonal urban plan, prepares the requested documentation and correctly manages the working time and allocated resources
  • Prepares the documentation in order to hand it over to the related authorities to obtain the necessary approvals.
  • Follows the entire flow of preparation, handing over documents until authorizations and approvals are obtained, together with other colleagues involved in the process
  • Drafting of design plans, layouts elevations, cross-sections and other documents